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Consortium News: Fighting the Psyopcracy

Julian Assange's Release--and the Unspoken Reasons for His Persecution

With the threat of nuclear war hanging over our heads as it did in the 1980’s, why aren’t a million people in the streets protesting the nuclear weapons buildup? The answer: psyops. This video talks about Psyops and their control over the people. How and why did Psychological Operations come about?

What role did Julian Assange, now released from prison at long last, play in counteracting disinformation—lies, or omissions of truth—of the ruling elite?


Ukraine built up its military and planned a massive attack on the Donbass, to kill and/or ethnically cleanse the population. That was the primary (though not the only reason) why Russia finally intervened in February, 2022.

Abu Graib prison was terminated, it is Guantanamo Bay prison which is still open.

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