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79 Years of Obsessive Western Desire to Attack Russia

The Anniversary of Operation Unthinkable--And the West Still Can't Stop

In May, 1945, after the Soviet Union saved Churchill’s ass and the UK from a Nazi invasion, Churchill got the idea that it was ‘back to business as usual’, perennial hostility and plotting against Russia. In this video, I do a simple track of the West’s duplicity and hostility towards Russia, culminating in the current replay of the Cuban Missile Crisis. We are as close as ever to nuclear war, with Ukraine, acting on behalf of its Western sponsors, attacking Russian nuclear warning radars. Fortunately, several experts from the USA, Germany and France are sounding the alarm. Can the public force the crazed leaders back to sanity? Slight correction, one American passed on atomic secrets and the Soviets tested their first A-Bomb in 1949.

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